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Good Move! You’re Starting an Advertising Campaign!

Before you submit your first $199 monthly payment, we want you to understand how this whole thing works.


  1. After you submit your payment, we will send you a link to a brief questionnaire that we use to collect important information that will help our team put together your campaign and support your sales goals. It will also ensure that we know how to get in touch with you whenever we have a question or suggestion. We will also need to collect the credit card information that will go directly to Facebook or Google (advertising budget).
  2. We will spend the first seven business days developing your ad campaign, optimizing the content on your landing pages and running a couple of advertising tests to ensure we are hitting targets and getting responses. Then the real campaign will begin and will be based on the ad budget that you set. You will receive leads as they come in.
  3. After each month, we will send you a summary of the campaign results. Your card will automatically be charged each month after the first payment for management of your campaign. Facebook or Google will periodically charge you for the ad budget that you set.



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