Should I Hire a Marketing Company or Do It Myself?

Should I Hire a Marketing Company or Do It Myself?

A common question asked by small business owners or micro business owners is whether they should hire a marketing company or a marketing contractor to manage marketing tasks or save money and do it themselves. One important consideration is your time. Do you have time to not only execute marketing tasks, but to LEARN how to do it correctly – on top of everything else you have to manage during the week? You stand to spend more money on ineffective marketing campaigns than you would if you outsource to a professional. As a small business owner, you should think of time in the same way you think of money. If you have a limited amount of time you should spend it doing what you do best. If you have a low budget for marketing, you want to spend it wisely. Do you know how to create a small business marketing strategy that will stretch your dollars? Even if you prefer diy marketing, you should learn how to do it correctly, and make sure you get a road-map to effectiveness.  Essentials in 7 can help. CHECK OUT E7’s LOW PRICES ON KEY MARKETING SERVICES or contact Essentials in 7 to get a customized marketing strategy for your small business or to schedule personalized marketing training in Temecula, California.


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