Crucial Marketing Tasks Few Have Time to Do Well

Who has time for blogging and social media

If you cannot make time to promote your business, then you are not supporting the growth of your business. However, making time does not mean your business will grow. There is an effectiveness factor that is critical to ensuring that your time (or your money) is well spent. Really, that’s what it is – a decision to spend either your time or your money. Working 15 hours a day to achieve everything you want just isn’t practical. You’ll get tired, you’ll miss life, you’ll feel the strain. The only reasonable answer (if you plan to stay in business) is to get help.

What kind of help do you need? Let’s start with some crucial marketing tasks that are essential to success in today’s marketplace, but require a significant amount of time.

UPDATING YOUR WEBSITE. Ugh. You know it needs to be done. You’re missing products or service offerings or you’re missing pages or there are some 404 errors that need to be fixed, or you’re low on content or WORSE, you’ve still got Lorem Ipsum text waiting for real information. This is the site that is representing your business? Fix it. Please. Make it a priority.

BLOGGING. A lot of small (and medium and large) business owners overlook the importance of blogging. Think of it like this: Every day hundreds of thousands, probably even millions of questions are posed to Google and other search engines. And millions of answers pile into the results. If you’re providing answers, then you’re giving your business some exposure. If you’re not providing answers, then you are relying strictly on demand for your products and services in your local area. Blogging provides an opportunity to talk about what people are talking about and to provide information to those who are seeking it. Keep in mind that not every search engine query is about buying. It is safe to say that most questions are about learning, solving, making, and finding. So take a moment to write. Because those questions are opportunities for sharing and building. For sharing what? Information. For building what? Credibility. I + C = GL – GOOGLE LOVE.

SOCIAL MEDIA. By now, you should know that Facebook, Twitter and other social channels have ENORMOUS user bases. Social media outlets track interests and behaviors, and serve relevant information to the audiences who want it – like pizza – night and day. It takes some understanding of how specific social media platforms work in order to get the most out of them. If you’re not interested in learning how to leverage the power of social media, get someone to help you or learn how to use it effectively.

You are definitely not alone if you are a small business owner struggling to find time to promote your business. Between family, a “day job”, your passion and well … grocery shopping, you are constantly in a state of juggling, and all of those plates need to keep spinning. With your mind in a constant fog about when you’ll have time to grow your business, are you really giving your existing clients all the time they need. The first thing you need to do is STOP. Stop obsessing about time. Stop obsessing about success. Stop obsessing about failure. And PLEASE STOP obsessing about money. If you need an extra set of hands, get some. Marketing services are getting more and more affordable, but of course that doesn’t mean that you should trust your business activities to just anyone. Cheap sometimes comes with a high price in the end. If you decide to hire a marketing contractor or a marketing agency, insist on reasonable rates so that you can sustain service. There’s nothing worse than starting and stopping over and over. Start and go. And keep going. Insist on flexibility so that it truly is a win-win for both parties. Insist on efficiency so that the money you spend on your marketing provider is not spent on meetings, phone calls or emails.

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